Through online banking at BankUCB.com, you may view all of your account balances, see copies of checks, transfer funds between deposit accounts and make your loan payments. You may also set up personal alerts to let you know when your balance goes above or below a specific level you choose. This service is available 24-hours a day, so you can bank when you want.   


To Enroll: Log on at BankUCB.com. Click on Access Online Banking near the top of the page. To the left you will want to choose Enroll Online. Complete the boxes and submit. You will be asked to select your unique Signon ID and password. It will be helpful to have all of your account numbers available when you choose to sign up.   


After registering online, you may also enroll in FREE Bill Payment. You may receive, view and pay bills in one secure, online location. You can set up accounts to pay a business or an individual. You then choose how much and when to make the payments. You can schedule payments in advance and set up recurring payments. You have total control! Think of the money you will save by reducing checks, stamps and gasoline. The bank will also keep histories of all of your payments in one secure place.  


After registering, Bill Payment will be available for your convenience. You will log on using your selected User ID and password to begin using this time-saving and peace of mind service. 

Do you ever open your monthly account statements? An eStatement is the secure, electronic delivery of your account statement that you can view, download, save or print at your convenience. You can have eStatements for all personal statement bearing accounts. Each Month UCB will send you an email notification advising you that your current eStatement is available. 


eStatements are free and can be saved to your computer or a back-up disc for future reference. These statements will include your check images also if you are receiving them in your regular statement. 


It is easy to sign up. Log on at BankUCB.com, click to enroll in online banking and choose to accept your statements on line. UCB progressively accumulates your statements for 36 months starting from your enrollment date. 

The free UCB CheckCard is the perfect complement to your UCB checking account. You have free access to cash at over 2,400 Fifth Third Bank Jeanie ATMs. You may also use your CheckCard everywhere MasterCard® CheckCards are accepted. There is no annual fee and your transactions are conveniently detailed on your monthly statement. It is best to choose “credit” with merchants to avoid fees. The CheckCard is safer than carrying cash and faster and more convenient than paying by check. Use it in place of cash and checks whenever, wherever you can.

MobiMoney is the only app that gives you full control of your credit and debit card in a way you've never had before.


With MobiMoney, you can set limits, transaction types and alerts. You are alerted to potential fraud and empowered to decide when, where and how your cards are used in real-time. Customers who use MobiMoney will wonder how they ever lived without it.


Download the APP today on your mobile phone.


Sign in with your online banking User ID and password. 
See account balance and transactions
Transfer Money
Schedule Bill Payment
Snap a picture of your checks for deposit
Pop Money- Send and Receive money
Find the nearest ATM or Branch Location


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24-Hour Telephone Banking at 812.539.4822 (4UCB) or 800.474.7845 x238


You may take advantage of 24-hour teller service through our user-friendly Touch Tone Teller. You may obtain account balances and transfer funds between your UCB accounts. The service will prompt you to register and obtain the information.